Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who that person with all those lines around her eyes staring back at you is? Or do you ever find yourself wondering where those age spots came from? Well, you’re in good company. Thousands of women (and men) every year decide to take advantage of the new advanced laser skin treatments to rejuvenate their skin to minimize — and even eliminate! — wrinkles, lines, scars, sun damage, and age spots.

With the holiday season fast approaching, why not give yourself the gift of confidence that comes with an improved appearance? There’s no reason to just live with the problem when so many laser treatment options are available. Here are some of the most requested:

Laser Genesis™ Skin Therapy

This treatment is an excellent option for men and women with facial scarring or redness, fine wrinkles, or enlarged pores. The Laser Genesis emits heat to stimulate collagen production at your deepest skin layers.

For redness caused by problems such as rosacea, Laser Genesis sends additional heat to the dilated capillaries of your skin to reduce redness. You will notice improvement after each session regardless of your specific issue. Most patients complete four to six sessions.

Women should remove all makeup before this procedure and men may need to shave in the area receiving treatment. No additional preparation is necessary and you can resume normal activities immediately after your appointment. After the procedure, you should plan on wearing sunscreen on your face and neck for added protection.

Intense Pulsed Light

This treatment, called IPL for short, is effective at eliminating sun damage, brown spots, redness, and tiny veins. At Optimal Health, we use Cutera® LimeLight™ to treat these conditions on a variety of skin tones and conditions. It has three different settings customizable to your specific skin issue. For example, the A setting can eliminate light brown spots while the strongest C setting is appropriate for problems such as severe sun damage.

Most people achieve the results they desire from this treatment in one to three sessions. If you develop new spots in the future, just come back for another treatment. While you can prevent some problems by practicing smart sun safety habits, issues such as rosacea are permanent. Fortunately, you can reduce the appearance of a reddened face dramatically with IPL.

Laser Hair Removal

Does having bushy eyebrows, stubborn hair at the bikini line, or unwanted back hair leave you feeling down? Laser hair removal is the solution. Forget about razor burns, the pain of waxing, or electrolysis. One of the best (and the one we use) is the Cutera hair removal laser to permanently eliminate unwanted hair from virtually anywhere on your body. It typically takes three to six sessions to get rid of the body hair for good. Just imagine not having to ever shave again!



With a variety of services designed to help you feel and look your best, Optimal Health, Weight and Laser Center offers free no-obligation consultations.

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