Latisse®-Eyelash lengthening

Interested in long, thick and lustrous eyelashes? The inability to grow eyelashes is indeed a medical condition, referred to in technical terms as hypotrichosis. If you’re embarrassed about your scant eyelashes, Dr. Levine and an expert care team are here to help you learn about the treatment possibilities.

Latisse® in the first and only FDA-approved medication to help grow and lengthen eyelash hairs. Originally used to treat glaucoma, it was recognized for its cosmetic applications when clinicians noted the side-effect of enhanced lash growth.

This treatment improves:

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Darkness
  • Overall fullness and volume

How Do You Use Latisse®?

Always begin with freshly washed hands. Take care to fully remove any cosmetics, and never use this treatment while wearing contact lenses.

The steps to use are easy and painless:

  • Measure directed amount into brush applicator
  • Gently sweep the brush over the upper eyelid at the root of eyelashes, taking care to cover the entire hairline
  • Remove any medicine that goes below the upper lash line, as this is the only area intended for application

Does Latisse® have any side effects? 

The most common side effects are usually mild and cause little trouble. Reported effects by users include:

  • Itching or redness
  • Darkening of eyelid skin
  • Browning or discoloration of the iris, which may become permanent

Do You Need a Prescription to Get Latisse®?

Yes, you do need a doctor’s prescription to use Latisse®. Once you consult with a trusted physician, such as Dr. Levine, you will be given instructions as to how to apply it.

Who Should Avoid Using Latisse®?

Latisse® is a very safe medication that has been on the market for years. However, as with any medication, there is always a slight risk for experiencing side effects. To reduce your chances of this occurring, don’t use if you:

  • Are allergic to any ingredients in this medicine, or if you have had past allergies to similar ophthalmic drops
  • Have experienced previous eye problems, such as glaucoma, macular edema, iritis, uvetis or past corneal injuries
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

What are the Benefits of Latisse®?

Anyone who wants to have sultry, dense eyelashes can benefit from this therapy. Latisse® saves you money because you will need less makeup and never have to use false lashes again!

Interested in Longer Eyelashes?

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