CO2 Laser Eye Lift

If you have dark rings under your eyes or loose, drooping skin in the eyelids that you would like to improve, the DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye lift may be an excellent option for you.

What is the DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye Lift?

The DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye Lift is a non-surgical, safe effective and well-tolerated treatment for the eye area, including the eyelids.  Because there are no incisions, there is  much less downtime and recovery than is experienced with a surgical eye lift, also known as blepharoplasty..

At Trilogy Health, under the guidance of Dr. Ellyn Levine, we perform this CO2 procedure with the DEKA SmartXide DOT laser.

The DEKA DOT Laser accomplishes skin resurfacing by utilizing Fractional CO2 technology.   When these CO2 laser beams strike the surface of the skin, they create micro-channels that remove old, damaged elastic fibers and collagen, allowing healthy new tissue to grow into these channels.  The DEKA DOT laser only targets a “fraction” of your skin that can be seen as tiny “dots”. Having untouched heathy tissue next to the laser injured areas is what allows the skin to heal more rapidly and minimizes overall damage than with other resurfacing treatments.

How does the DEKA DOT Laser  Eye Lift work?

In fractional CO2 resurfacing, only a portion of the treated skin is ablated (vaporized). The areas that are not ablated serve as a reservoir of skin cells for quicker wound healing. The destruction of old collagen and the delivery of heat from the laser stimulate tightening and remodeling of the collagen and other extracellular matrix skin elements, resulting in tighter, younger-appearing skin.

What are the benefits of a DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye Lift Treatment?

  • Reduces Wrinkles under the eyes
  • Reduces Crow’s feet
  • Tightens Skin on the eyelids
  • Reduces Dark circles under the eyes
  • Lifts Drooping eyebrows
  • Improves Skin texture around the eyes

A DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye Lift has many of the same benefits of a surgical eyelift, but without the risks and downtime. And because it stimulates new collagen production, results are expected to last for several years.

Results from fractional CO2 laser treatments do not wear off. However, as with any other treatment, even surgery, laxity, and new lines will occur over time because the aging process continues. Nevertheless, you can maintain your results with quality home skincare and sun protection along with other therapies designed to stimulate collagen and elastin.

How soon will I see results?

Some results are apparent soon after wound healing is complete. Changes in surface texture and discoloration are seen quickly. However, the treatment’s full effects rely on your skin’s healing and remodeling process.  It does takes several months for this process to complete.



How many treatments do I need?

Although you can expect to see improvement even after one treatment, optimal results are often after a series of treatments. Depending on your skin’s degree of laxity and condition, we advise two to four treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart.

On average, most patients require a minimum of 3 sessions scheduled at 4-8 week intervals to achieve optimal results.

Is it safe to laser near my eye and on my eyelid?

Because the DEKA DOT uses CO2 vapors, it is a very safe treatment around the eyes and on the eyelids.  A lighter setting is used than elsewhere on the skin, making it a very tolerable treatment.

What should you expect at the time of your DEKA DOT procedure?

Before your procedure, pictures of the treatment area is taken and informed consents are signed.  Then the skin around your eyes will be cleansed, and a topical numbing cream will be applied to minimize any discomfort. The cream should be applied 1 hour before the procedure to ensure an adequate numbing effect. Once you are adequately numbed, the numbing cream will be removed and the treatment will be started.

The treatment takes about 5 minutes per eye.  You may feel some heat or slight discomfort, but generally, the procedure is very well tolerated.

Much of the appointment is for numbing and prep.

What happens after the DEKA DOT CO2 laser eye lift treatment?

Post-treatment, your skin will feel hot and tight in the treated area. The heat subsides gradually over the following hours. Typically, the heat will have dissipated by the next day, and your skin will be red and swollen in the treated area. The puffiness lasts for two to four days, but most only feel tightness, no pain. You will apply the recommended product several times a day to keep the area hydrated.

Typically, after four to five days, you may still be red, but make-up can be applied to cover the redness, and you can resume your social activities without anyone knowing you had the procedure done.

How Long do the results of the DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye lift?

The recovery process will be different for everyone.  However, most will experience slight discomfort, redness, swelling in the treated area for a few hours following the treatment.

Because of this, you will see improvement for up to six months after your treatment. If you take good care of your skin (being careful of sun exposure; moisturizing; maintaining a strong skincare regimen, etc.), the results from a DEKA DOT CO2 Laser eye lift can last for several years.

Candidates for the DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye lift:

  • Those who are interested in a non-surgical treatment to lift the eyebrows and tighten the skin around their eyes and eyelids.
  • Those interested in reducing wrinkles and any dark circles in the eye area.

Who is not a candidate for the DEKA DOT CO2 Laser Eye lift?

  • Those who have prominent fat pads in the under eye area.
  • Those with dark skin tones should avoid the CO2 laser eye lift due to possible pigmentation complications.


Deka Dot Before and Afters

What skin conditions does the DEKA DOT treat?

  • Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Crepey Skin
  • Skin Laxity
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars


What to expect during/after your DEKA DOT treatment?
  • Treatment are usually done in 30 minutes for a full face.
  • Initial reactions to DOT Therapy include redness, warmth, discomfort and swelling of the treated areas. The skin will feel as if sunburned.
  • You will clearly see the DOTS immediately after treatment before they fade away.
  • Cool compresses every 30 to 90 minutes for the first few days is recommended to minimize swelling.
  • A gentle, non-active moisturizer applied several times a day is helpful to keep the skin moist while healing since the skin may feel very dry and rough after the treatment.
  • Expect eventual peeling or flaking of the outer skin layer which will reveal a fresher looking skin.
  • Redness and swelling may last up to 13 days but most swelling subsides after day 7.
  • Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen such as Elta MD is also essential.
Does it hurt?

Numbing cream is applied 60 minutes before the start of treatment and Laughing gas system called Pro-Nox is used during the treatment to make treatment tolerable. Everyone’s pain threshold is different but some have described it as a 3 out of 10 on a pain scale.

How many treatment sessions do I need?
  • One treatment can yield amazing results.
  • Depending on the desired results, a series of three treatments scheduled no sooner than 4-6 weeks apart may be advised.
  • On average, most patients require between 3 to 5 sessions scheduled at 2 to 3 week intervals to achieve optimal results. 
Are there different treatment options?

The treatment can be customized depending on the outcome goals.

  1. Light treatment option- Excellent anti-aging option and pigment reduction. Downtime/pain is significantly less with this option. This treatment is also known as the SMARTpeel.
  2. Medium treatment- Excellent option for those with moderate evidence of skin changes associated with age and/or sun damage.
  3. Aggressive treatment- Ideal for those with significant lines, texture irregularity, very lax skin and/or have deep acne scars.
When will I see results after my treatment?
You will notice improvements in your skin tone and initially. It takes our bodies 2-3 months to produce collagen and elastin.
What is difference between Ablative, non-ablative and Fractional laser treatments?
  • ABLATIVE laser treatments work mainly on the epidermis (surface skin cells)
  • Non-ablative treatments work solely on dermal collagen (more the mid-layer of the skin only)
  • Fractional laser treatment works at BOTH the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

Interested in DEKA DOT CO2 LASER?

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