Cosmetic Fillers-Radiesse®


Cosmetic Fillers-Radiesse®

At Trilogy Health, we are proud to offer Radiesse, a filler that we affectionately refer to as the “Fountain of Youth” filler.  This filler is made by Merz, makers of Xeomin and Belotero Balance.

What is Radiesse®and how does it work?

RADIESSE is a safe, clinically tested, FDA approved injectable dermal filler made of unique calcium-based microspheres suspended in a natural gel.  These microspheres work below the skin’s surface to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production to support and rebuild the skin’s foundation.    This collagen production also helps smooth skin texture and improve the appearance of crepey skin often found on the neck, decolletege, arms and knees. It’s gel suspension also leads to excellent filling of facial wrinkles and folds

Advantages of Radiesse®

  • FDA approval for correction of the smile lines between the mouth and nose.
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Stimulate your body’s natural collagen, filling facial wrinkles and folds.
  • Radiesse is a commonly used filler to plump the back of the hands and reduce vein prominence with minimal discomfort and immediate results.
  • Long lasting, often up to 15 months.
  • Biocompatible with neglible risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Over time requires fewer treatments for the same length of correction due to collagen production effects.
  • Works immediately to augment cheeks, chin, and recontour the face.
  • Natural appearing results.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Injection-related reactions such as mild bruising, swelling or tenderness at the injection site may occur. These reactions typically resolve on their own within a few days.

    Is Radiesse®Permanent?

    Treatment results are relatively long lasting, but not permanent. Over time the calcium microspheres break down safely and become naturally absorbed into your body and retreatment becomes necessary to fill  fine lines and folds.


    * Individual results may vary

    Ready for your Fountain of Youth Filler?

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