X-Rated Exosome Facial for Skin Rejuvenation

The major player in stem cell related skin care these days is called the exosome, and it’s been picking up lots of buzz as a topical treatment for a more youthful complexion.   X-Rated Exosome Facial is the name to remember, and Dr. Ellyn Levine at Trilogy Health knows all about the power of this cutting edge cosmetic treatment centered related to the amazing science of stem cells.  Dr. Levine is excited to be able to offer this incredible skin rejuvenation treatment for her clients at her Trilogy Health MedSpa in the La Mesa area of San Diego.

Dr. Levine is an expert on aesthetics, and Trilogy Health is where all the magic begins. Not only is she an internal medicine physician, but also she is highly trained in cosmetic injections and laser procedures. She can not only let you know if this exosome treatment option is right for you, but also discuss other aesthetic treatment options based on your cosmetic needs or desires.

What Are Exosomes?
Think of exosomes as tiny messengers for your skin cells. These communicators are constantly facilitating the exchange of key proteins and growth factors between the cells. As our skin ages, however, we lose the ability to maintain collagen synthesis, to repair damaged cells and to stop the degradation of these cells.
Exosomes introduced through a cutting edge scientific biotech breakthrough have become a significant topical treatment to use in your skin care arsenal.

What Can the X-Rated Exosome Facial Do For My Skin?
The X-Rated Exosome Facial is compromised of Benev’s Regenerative Complex. This complex has a concentrated power of 2 billion-plus stem cell-derived lyophilized exosomes and other potent elements such as hyaluronic acid and peptides to deliver extraordinary skin rejuvenation and regeneration effects.

This revolutionary treatment also helps brighten your complexion and balance your skin tone. It removes redness and any skin irritation. The incredible exosome formula can also improve skin lesions, scars and improve your skin texture and pore size. Best of all, it’s a hydrating, professional treatment that keeps your complexion healthy-looking and youthful.

Is It Safe For My Skin?

Yes. The X-Rated Exosome Facial has no known drawbacks or adverse effects. A stringent purification and filtration process is used to manufacture the product.

Exosomes deliver important growth factors to your skin cells, and this action helps build firmer, more supple skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Although this treatment is most often used on the face, it is safe to apply on any skin area where rejuvenation effects are desired.

How Many X-Rated Exosome Treatments Do I Need and How Often?

Optimal results are achieved through three to five treatments applied by Dr. Ellyn Levine or her other highly trained medical providers in her MedSpa.

Clinical studies have been impressive. For instance, 96.4 percent of participants noticed a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and age spots after just five sessions. Also, 89.6 percent of the participants showed results just after the third treatment.

It is recommended that the first two treatments be spaced 2 weeks apart and any additional treatments one month apart.

Is This Facial Treatment Used Alone?

Yes, it can be, but the X-Rated Exosome Facial can yield even better results if used in combination with microneedle procedures, laser procedures and/or chemical peel treatments.

If you’re excited to try exosomes and the brilliant potency they can unleash for younger-looking skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Ellyn Levine at Trilogy Health.

We believe that everyone can develop ageless skin with this spectacular advancement in beauty science. Exosomes are the new generation for luminous complexions.

Interested in our Exosome Facial for Skin Rejuvenation?

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