Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Using Sound Waves

What is Sound Wave Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment?

Sound wave therapy is a very safe, well-tolerated procedure for the treatment of ED.  The treatment involves uses single pulses of energy that travel faster than the speed of sound to stimulate blood flow to the affected area. These sound waves create new blood vessels, through a process called neovascularization.   This stimulation in  blood flow and creating new blood vessels is how this treatment helps achieve and maintain an erection.

How is the Sound wave ED treatment performed?

Sound wave technology is performed by placing a probe along side the penile shaft.

  • There are no needles or pain involved in the area.
  • The probes that work synergistically to increase blood flow and nerve cell growth to the area.
  • The entire treatment takes 8-10 minutes to perform and 4 sessions are recommended over a 2 week period.

When do you notice the effects and how long does it last?

Most men will noticed an increased arousal after their first treatment due to the sound wave treatments being directed around the the sensitive area of the penis. The cellular regeneration often takes 3 months to occur and the results may last 1 year. Series of only 2 Booster treatments are recommenced annually to maintain the results. 

Who should consider getting Sound Wave treatment for ED?

  • Anyone interested in improving erection
  • Men who want a treatment not involving medications or hormones
  • Men who want to prevent loss of vigor
  • Men with reduced libidos due to reduced arousal sensation.

Who is a NOT a candidate for this Sound Wave treatment

  • Men with a history of total prostatectomy or radiation for the treatment of prostate cancer
  • Men with very low testosterone levels
  • Patients with advanced diabetes and known vascular disease


Doctors such as Dr. Ellyn Levine of Trilogy Health in San Diego, are committed to helping men improve their sexual health and experiences. Dr. Levine has been very impressed with the results and feedback from her patients to date

Why should you do it?

If you’re interested in a painless, safe, needle-free treatment that leads to better and long laster erections, then this treatment is right for you. Simply contact Trilogy Health in San Diego and set up your free consultation with Dr. Ellyn Levine’s staff.

You won’t regret your pleasure.


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