Ah, it’s that time of year again. Time for beautiful holiday decorations, festive parties…and sweet treats everywhere you go. You know you shouldn’t overindulge, but it is just so tempting. Before you know it, you’ve gained weight and don’t feel so good either.

The D Word

It’s a word that no one likes to hear this time of year. You guessed it, discipline. It may feel like you’re depriving yourself but you’re preserving your health by reframing your approach to holiday eating. When you go to a party, make sure you don’t arrive hungry. If you don’t have time to have a meal or nutritious snack ahead of time, drink several glasses of water before filling your plate.

Tell yourself on the way to the party there is much more to it than just the food. Once you arrive, try to socialize with other guests, dance, or play games to keep your mind off all the goodies. When you do start eating, be sure to pace yourself. Put your fork down after every bite to give your body the chance to get the signal it’s full.

If the host serves alcohol, limit yourself to one or two drinks. This helps you avoid too many calories from the alcohol as well as the lowered inhibitions that may cause you to overeat.

You Can Even Lose Weight This Time of Year

By consciously practicing discipline, many people find they can actually lose weight over the holiday. Others find they need a little help in the weight loss area. At Optimal Health, we offer several weight loss programs that provide you with the support you need to be successful. Is one of these right for you?

  • 5 and 1 Program: Hundreds of people have lost weight and kept it off with this medically formulated program. You receive five meal replacement products and one meal that we call lean and green. Meal replacements consist of bars, shakes, and other highly nutritious foods. The lean and green meal contains non-starchy vegetables along with fish or meat. We also provide you with a weekly B12 shot, healthy meal planning information, and recipes. You receive a sampler kit to get started and then we send meal replacements to your home to last you four weeks.
  • Fat Reduction Laser: Our FDA-approved device reduces cellulite and tightens skin in short eight-minute sessions. You can choose to have it applied to any area of your body with excess fat and without worry about damage to internal organs.
  • B12 Injections: You also have the option of getting the B12 injections without enrolling in the 5 and 1 program. We offer several different versions based on your health and weight loss goals.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these programs to help you keep weight off during the holidays, just click here.


With a variety of services designed to help you feel and look your best, Optimal Health, Weight and Laser Center offers free no-obligation consultations.

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Dr. Levine’s Guide to
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5 anti-aging skin tips - Written by Dr. Ellyn Levine, Founder, Optimal Health, Weight and Laser Center.