Cliovana for Better Sex

What is Cliovana?

Cliovana is a new painless, needle-free non-invasive treatment designed to:

  1. Enhance a woman’s sexual experience
  2. Increase lubrication levels
  3. Increase sexual satisfaction overall

How does Cliovana work? 

Cliovana does not use lasers, scalpels, heat, freezing, numbing cream, or needles. It uses safe and gentle soundwave technology to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissue in the clitoris  leading to increased responsiveness, greater arousal due to clitoral cell regeneration.

This cellular regeneration can lead to stronger and better orgasms and make it even easier to achieve orgasms.  This increased sexual arousal often leads to increased vaginal lubrication providing more comfort for woman who may experience pain with intercourse.

Why get Cliovana?

  • According to one recent study, 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex lives.  Another recent study showed that 75% of men orgasm every time in female-male encounters –compared to only 33% of women.
  • Cliovana helps close this “orgasm gap” by making female orgasms more accessible and more intense.
  • Cliovana studies have been incredibly positive to date – with 90% of participants reporting an increase in the intensity of their orgasms.
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How is the Cliovana treatment performed?

  • Each treatment session involves a 3-part protocol of gentle cupping, soundwave therapy and vibration that synergistically increase blood flow and nerve cell growth to the area.
  • There are no internal probes used during any session
  • The entire session takes 10 minutes to perform and 4 sessions are recommended over a 2 week period.
  • No pain is associated with the treatment

When do you notice the effects and how long does it last?

  • Effects can be felt as early as the first session and increase over 3 months as cellular regeneration is taking place.
  • Heightened responsiveness may last for a year or more.
  • A series of only 2 booster sessions are recommended annually to maintain the Cliovana benefits. 

Is there any downtime or side effects?

  • There are no serious side effects.However, some may experience transient redness or tenderness from the soundwave therapy.
  • There is zero downtime and one can engage in sexual activity after the treatment.

Who should consider getting Cliovana?

  • Anyone interested in better sex or desiring a better orgasm sensation.
  • Women who experience painful intercourse.
  • Women with vaginal dryness and want to reduce the need for lubricants
  • Breast Cancer patients or survivors who cannot use hormones as a treatment of their vaginal dryness and find lubricants insufficient.
  • Women with reduced libidos may experience more desire due to increased arousal sensation in their clitoral area.

How is Cliovana different from other treatments

  • Cliovana is the only 100% non-invasive treatment designed specifically to improve clitoral physiology, increase women’s arousal levels, and improve their orgasms.  
  • It is not a vaginal rejuvenation treatment but can be safely used in conjunction with these treatments.

Doctors such as Dr. Ellyn Levine of Trilogy Health in San Diego, are committed to helping women improve their sexual health and experiences. She was one of the first providers to offer Cliovana recognizing its value for her patients. Dr. Levine has been very impressed with the results and feedback from her patients to date

Why should you do it?

If you’re interested in a painless, safe, needle-free treatment that leads to better sex, better arousal and better lubrication then this treatment is right for you. Simply contact Trilogy Health in San Diego and set up your free consultation with Dr. Ellyn Levine’s staff.

You won’t regret your pleasure.


Interested in our Cliovana for Sexual Health Treatment?

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