The Orgasm Shot

What is the Orgasm Shot ?

Dr. Ellyn Levine is proud to be a certified provider of the Orgasm Shot.

The Orgasm shot is not a drug.  It is a non-surgical treatment for improved vaginal lubrication, vaginal rejuvenation, increased sexual arousal and urinary incontinence.

How Does The Orgasm Shot Procedure Work?

It works by collecting a sample of your blood and isolating the portion of the blood that has a high concentration of growth factors known as Platelet-rich plasma or “PRP”.  By administering these growth factors directly into a woman’s erogenous zone, rejuvenation of the tissue will begin due to the growth factors effect on generating cell growth and improving blood flow and sensation to the area.

What are the benefits of the Orgasm Shot?

  • Clitoral stimulation results in greater arousal
  • More frequent and stronger orgasms
  • Better sex
  • Ability to climax from penetrative sex when unable to during the past
  • Ability for a vaginal orgasm increases
  • Decreased pain if painful sex was experienced in the past
  • Smoother and younger vulva skin
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • 95% experience resolution of urinary incontinence

Who are the Best Candidates for the Orgasm Shot?

Any woman experiencing:

  • Leaking urine after jumping, laughing or sneezing AKA Stress incontinence
  • Leaking urine when waiting too long
  • Low sexual desire
  • Difficulty being aroused
  • Trouble reaching orgasm
  • Painful sex
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lichen Sclerosus

The Orgasm Shot may be an ideal treatment for those women who prefer not to take prescription medications for their sexual or urinary issues.  Often the medical treatment for these symptoms involves hormone replacement therapy but not everyone is a candidate especially if one has a history of breast cancer.

Is the Orgasm Shot Injection Painful?

Most women do not experience any pain when receiving the Orgasm shot. Numbing cream is applied to the area 30 minutes in advance of the procedure. When you receive your injection, you most likely feel will only feel a sensation of warmth or a slight pinch. 

What Should I Expect After My Procedure?

Since your procedure is non-surgical, you do not have to worry about any downtime. You can resume all of your regular activities on the same day including sexual relations.  Your procedure is usually completed in approximately 30 minutes including the process of numbing.

If you feel a sense of fullness within your vagina, it will gradually subside during the next one to three days. While there is swelling in your vagina, your stream of urine might spray. This issue will resolve itself as soon as your swelling is gone. Minor bleeding may also be noted for 1-2 days.

Is More than One Shot Necessary?

You can have just one Orgasm shot or decide to come back for another. A second shot will increase your results. You should allow eight weeks before having another shot to make certain you are experiencing the full effects of your initial procedure.

When Does the Orgasm Shot Take Effect?

You may experience increased pleasure and sexual desire immediately following the procedure.  However it takes a minimum of three weeks for significant cellular regeneration changes to begin with peak results occuring after approximately three months.   

How Long do the Results Last?

The results typically last 14 to 18 months but results may vary since factors such as hormonal issues, underlying medical conditions and age may cause individual differences.

The Orgasm shot is not a magical device. Half of the women may not experience a noticeable improvement for weeks while the other half may experience significant and immediate results.

Many women choose to have another Orgasm shot every 18 months to maintain their results.

How Does the Orgasm Shot Work?

The reason the Orgasm shotis effective is that it uses your high-quality PRP.  Your PRP is produced by your blood. Growth factors capable of regenerating your cells are injected into specific areas to encourage your stem cells to increase your flow of blood. The result is the generation of healthy growth of your tissues in addition to improving your vascularization in the area.

What Are Possible Side Effects of the Orgasm Shot?

The Orgasm shot can include side effects including one or more of the following.

  • Sensation of feeling sexually aroused constantly
  • Vaginal sensations are altered
  • On overactive sexual drive or hypersexuality
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Consistent vaginal wetness
  • Blood in the urine
  • Constant awareness of the areas where you received your injections
  • Bruising or hematoma
  • Varied overall results
  • Temporary feeling of fullness in the vagina or clitoral area

How Much Does the Orgasm Shot Cost?

The Orgasm shot at Trilogy Health in San Diego costs $1,000 which includes the consultation with Dr. Ellyn Levine, numbing cream, PRP preparation and the procedure itself.  The cost of a PRP booster injections if desired after 12 weeks is $600.


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Doctors such as Dr. Ellyn Levine of Trilogy Health in San Diego, are committed to helping women improve their sexual health and experiences. She was one of the first providers to offer Cliovana recognizing its value for her patients and is also a certified Orgasm Shot provider. 

Why should you do it?

If you’re interested in a natural way to rejuvenate your sex life and reduce urinary leaks, simply contact Trilogy Health in San Diego and set up your free consultation with Dr. Ellyn Levine’s staff.



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