Last year I met with Dr. Levine for advice on how to rid myself of my postmenopausal 30-40 lbs that seemed determined to remain for my lifetime. She was so down to earth, reassuring, and confident that it was totally do-able. I accomplished losing the weight and feel...


Very professional, polite and thorough team. They were on time with my appointment and I felt they gave a personal touch to my weight loss regimen. Would definitely refer friends!


I made a lot of changes in steps. I did their program. I started to train by myself until I got a trainer. I stopped coffee (that was hard) and now I don’t drink cokes and such. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and I now eat lunch and dinner every day.


Dr. Levine has always demonstrated a combination of professionalism and compassion.  She provides me with helpful information and speaks to me in a manner that lets me know I matter.  I have found her to be very competent, thorough and reassuring.
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