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September 7, 2019
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If you are frustrated by your cellulite, you are not alone.   It can form on your thighs, buttocks, upper arms and belly even on the most physically fit person.  Most of the time, you just want to cover it up so that others can't see it.  The good news is that the treatment options keep advancing, and now, there is an amazing FDA cleared non-invasive treatment to reduce cellulite. It's called UltraSmooth, and is available at

Dr. Ellyn Levine’s Trilogy Health Center in the La Mesa of San Diego.

How Does the Cellulite Treatment work?

There's plenty of buzz about the UltraSmooth device because it uses a combination of green photonic light and kinetic energy to target your areas of cellulite and achieve unprecedented results.  UltraSmooth works nears the surface of the body, smooths the skin, relaxes connective bands and fades varicose veins.  The advanced technologies have the ability to create a cellular response in the skin and fat. The gentle but powerful green light energy attacks the fat cells and causes a starvation effect.  Your body then naturally metabolizes and excretes these fat cells forever. Your body starts can start losing inches for body sculpting, and your skin becomes smoother in texture.

In addition, the procedure helps to build fresh collagen.  Collagen is the protein that gives our skin a strong and firm foundation.

What's even more exciting is that dieting and exercise are not required with UltraSmooth and there are no side effects were seen in the FDA clinical trials nor have any been reported.

How Does A Treatment Session Work?

A general UltraSmooth schedule includes a total of six treatment visits for optimal results.  Typically, this features three weekly sessions for two weeks. At each treatment visit, your cellulite region is exposed to the special green light for 20 minutes.  Then, a percussive massage unit is topically applied. Between the visits, you will need to wear a compression garment.

What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

You can feel the warmth of the UltraSmooth device, but it never actually touches your skin.  It is held several inches above the treatment site with zero discomfort.  Some clients fall asleep during the procedure.  Others call the sensation a pleasant and comfortable one.

It's safe, simple, speedy and painless.

How Soon Can I See Results And How Long Can They Last?

The FDA-approved UltraSmooth technique is getting rave reviews for its notable results.  The results are usually evident by the 6th treatment session and sustained results have even been seen 5 years after the initial treatment sessions.

Can I Lose Inches And Improve My Cellulite Appearance?

Losing inches, in addition to the improvement in cellulite appearance, is also possible with the UltraSmooth device but the results are modest.  If losing inches is also desired, best to combine the UltraSmooth treatment with our very effective Ultraslim treatment that uses red light technology.  Click here for more information about our Ultraslim treatment.   

We recommend starting with Ultraslim treatment if losing inches is desired in the cellulite area before undergoing the UltraSmooth treatment sessions for best results.

On average, clients lost inches (3.5) and 1.6 liters of fat during a single session with the impressive UltraSmooth device.

Who wouldn't want to reduce cellulite in this easy, fast procedure and achieve a more fit and toned silhouette?

How Does UltraSmooth Stand Out?

UltraSmooth is a non-invasive treatment and a painless cellulite treatment.  There is no numbing or cutting of connective bands.  The approach is unique and targets the fat cells in a natural way.  Not many other procedures can claim the same.

Here at Trilogy Health Center, our team of experts is highly experienced and knowledgeable of all advanced aesthetic treatments.  We are thrilled to offer the UltraSmooth technique because the results will impress you.

What Happens During My Consultation and/or Treatment?

Before the treatment begins, your medical provider will determine if you are a candidate for the UltraSmooth.  She will explain the steps of the cellulite smoothing procedure.

You will fill out the necessary forms and then be brought into a private room for the treatment.  Before pictures of the desired treatment areas will be taken before each session.  Following your sixth treatment, a post-treatment picture will also be taken.

What Did The Clinical Trials Show?

UltraSmooth has been researched and studied, and the FDA has given the green light for this revolutionary procedure that lets you smooth the appearance of cellulite.

In the clinical trial, 52 female participants underwent UltraSmooth treatment. The women had a median age of 42.5 years old with a range of ages from 18 years to 69 years old.  The participants were of Asian, African American, Caucasian, Latino or Pacific Islander ethnicities.

In a typical regimen, the participants lost an average cumulative of 2.67 inches of circumference compared to the placebo average of 0.5 inches.  While durability of effect is also impacted by extrinsic factors after treatment such as diet, it was demonstrated that UltraSmooth™ patients continued losing inches for at least 14 days after treatment, with an average continued loss of an additional 1.20 inches and a total average inch loss of 3.87 inches where average placebo measurements after 14 days yielded a net gain (not a loss) of 0.875 inches.

Is There Any Anesthesia Involved?

You don't have to worry about anesthesia, incisions or scalpels. Best of all, there is no downtime.

If you've had it with your cellulite and are tired of trying to conceal it and avoid revealing clothing, then UltraSmoothmay be for you. It's safe and fast and comfortable and delivers real results.

Women love UltraSmooth because it creates a slimmer physique in about two weeks. The technology allows you to smooth away the appearance of cellulite and resculpt your figure.

Set up a consultation at Trilogy Health Center today, and let's smooth away your cellulite.






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