What Our Clients Say 

Trilogy Health experiences the joy of having happy customers on a daily basis.  Weight loss success leads to an increased level of confidence and happiness. Our weight loss system uses board-certified doctors and Nurse Practitioners to individually cater to each patient. Our testimonials and success stories prove that our weight loss plan is tried and true.

Here are some success stories from our wonderful patients!

"I think when it comes to weight loss it’s a matter of finding the right tools for you and Dr. Levine had the tools I needed." 

"I made a lot of changes in steps. I did their program. I started to train by myself until I got a trainer. I stopped coffee (that was hard) and now I don’t drink cokes and such. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and I now eat lunch and dinner every day."

"I have had my weight off for almost two years now. I still buy the protein shakes and use them everyday. This program changed my life."*

"Very professional, polite and thorough team. They were on time with my appointment and I felt they gave a personal touch to my weight loss regimen. Would definitely refer friends!"*

"Dr. Levine has always demonstrated a combination of professionalism and compassion.  She provides me with helpful information and speaks to me in a manner that lets me know I matter.  I have found her to be very competent, thorough and reassuring."*

"I felt like Dr. Levine really listened to my concerns and very professionally and thoroughly honed in on the best solution for me."*

"I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 45 pounds so far over a four month period. I have also lost over 4 inches from my waist. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I've had from following your program (to the letter) and from what I've learned from your staff. The difference is that you provide a program that has changed my life, not just a diet."*

"I really feel like I'm well on my way now and just thought others should know how wonderful your program is. I have gotten truly expert advice from the Doctor and I think that has made this road easier."*

"I have been truly satisfied with the whole program - from the cost and value of the program, to the support, and my outcome. I couldn't have asked for more than I've received for my money."*

"You can finally lose the weight you've been arguing to yourself about. I dragged myself in there and have been lighter ever since. Just the education bit is so helpful; I needed to understand the nutritional information about the foods I was buying/eating in order to make lifestyle changes for me and my family.  Trilogy Health can create a special plan for you so you can reach your goals. I'm still working on it, but I would say try it out!"*

*Individual results may vary

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Dr. Levine’s Guide to
Younger Looking Skin.  Longer.

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5 anti-aging skin tips - Written by Dr. Ellyn Levine, Founder, Optimal Health, Weight and Laser Center.